How to take care of Desert Boots by proper cleaning

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Desert boots are now -a- days not meant for deserts only. They are worn in every part of world for trekking and sometimes for style. It’s been shown in several movies or TV shows.

Like everything, they are also subject to wear and tear so they also require maintenance and proper care for better performance and long life.

The main purpose is to maintain the upper suede and keep it in a pristine condition. The cleaning of desert boots require some materials like soft cloth,suede cleaner,suede brush,small brush and water repellent spray.

The first step in the cleaning of the boots is to brush the boot’s upper suede by using a boot brush. Brush only in one direction i.e. against the direction of the suede. The small brush or a toothbrush can be used to brush the tight areas. If metal is used in the boot, make sure that no scratches come while using brush on the surface of the suede.

If there is any other material like mesh or canvas in the boot then use a soft cloth dipped in warm water of a mild detergent and wipe it softly. The insoles can also be washed in this way. Wait till they become dry before you move on to next step.Take care so that the suede does not get wet.

The suede cleaner can be used to clean the boot’s upper. Follow the instructions on the suede cleaner to clean the boots. Apply water repellent spray. To use this also follow the instructions on the cover. Leave it till it becomes dry. The suede cleaning kits have both the suede cleaner and the spray.

Then wipe the soles if necessary with the same soft cloth that you have used earlier. The mud or dirt if any, is found in the sole’s thread then clean it with a toothbrush.

Now finally, keep your boots so that they become air dry. Do not expose them to direct sunlight or heat as waterproof material is being used on them. As some cleaning products may come up with harmful fumes so better to clean the boots in a proper ventilated area. The waterproof spray will protect the boots from harmful elements.Lastly; use the suede brush to clean the upper till you don’t feel the need of cleaning the boots again.

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