How to Strengthen Your Neck Muscles

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Our neck consists of various muscles that give different functions such as the sternocleidomastoid, the Splenius Capitis, the Longissimus group and the Semispinalis group. The sternocleidomastoid is one of the neck muscle groups, which is large in size and most familiar as well. The major function of your neck muscles is to give movement of your head. They are also very useful as it helps to maintain the blood flow to the brain and also supporting your head up strait, weak neck muscles can cause to injuries, imbalances and poor posture. Here in this article will tell you some exercises which you can include in your exercise routine if you want to maintain the strength of the neck muscles. Given below are some of the exercises

Weighted head tilting, it is one of the best for your daily schedule. You have to set a weight plate on the top of your hand and support it with the hands. Now you have to bend the neck back and frontward. You have to repeat this exercise for about 8 times and do 3 sets of exercises.

Upright rowing is also very effective exercise that works on your neck muscles. You have to lift a barbell to chin height and keep your elbows over the barbell. You have to practice 2 sets of 12 and you can make use of weight belt also.

The dumbbell shrugs engage two dumbbells. You have to hold the dumbbells in your hands with your arms close to the body. Lower the arms as you can then raise your shoulders. You can use the weight belt also to avoid any injury.

Head stands are also very beneficial in strengthening your neck muscles. This workout will help you in maintaining your balance as well. It may require a little practice, but once you get hang of it, it is very advantageous.

Front shoulder presses, in this you have to sit down and raise a barbell over your head and then bring to the straight position. You have to practice it for about 8- 12 times.

The rear shoulder press is also variation of the front shoulder press but in this you have to lower the barbell at the back of your neck.

This way you can improve your neck muscles but for practicing these workouts you have to consult your doctor, to avoid any type of health risks.

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