How to keep your culture alive

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cultureCulture is an identity of an individual. It is a set of rituals, traditions and belief system that we follow. Culture gives us a presence in the society, which also works as a tool to identify others and their culture. As name is our identity, region is our national identity similarly culture is our social and religious identity.

Importance of numbers in our culture
Every culture has shown some importance to numbers. In India, Hindu culture gives importance to number 11. People keep fast on that day of the month as per the Hindu calendar. We also start anything new at our home or at work on this day of the month. Moreover, when we give cash gifts to others on festivals or ceremonies, we give in multiple of 11 for example, 111, 211 and 511 and so on.

Today people are inclining more towards superstitions
It is true that the crave to get rapid success in a fats and competitive life motives people to adopt certain illogical and mystical ways, which can be called superstitious. For example, people change their name, home address or wear particular colored clothes or stones; they keep some symbols of metals in their wallet or pocket. What is more, such behavior is seen more with celebrities like film stars, sports stars etc. considering this I can say that superstitions are on the rise in the world.

Some bad effects of superstitions
Superstition is an evil in today’s society. It changes the focus of the people hard work to short cuts like worshiping symbols. People get distracted from their fundamental rules of life like honesty, simplicity, hard work and self confidence and they become jealous and manipulative because they feel that if one short cut works for others it can work for them too. On top of it, the most depressing fact is that the more these superstitions fail, the harder people try to follow to make it true.

How culture can promote?
The best way to promote the culture is to follow it. Next, we can impart its importance to the young generations of our society by organizing cultural events on festivals and public holidays. We can also spread the specialties of our culture to others.

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