How to cure Hives

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hivesHives is the condition where an individual gets skin rash that causes the itching, redness and lift up the parts on the skin surface. It is also called as urticaria in medically, hives is also one of the results of allergic and non allergic reactions. It appears on the skin like rings or large patches in different shapes and sizes. In some cases it appears in few millimeters in size.

Hives can attack anywhere in the body like face, trunk, lips, throat, ears, arms, legs, tongue and lips. There are various causes of hives such as allergies from certain foods like berries, eggs and nuts and also by jelly fish, insect bite and also by certain medicines, hereditary factors, exposure to the animal dander, wearing tight clothes and jewelry, sweating, contact with pollen, latex and insect stings, pressure on the skin, emotional stress, kidney disease and liver diseases. Here are some common signs of causing the hives also such as itching, welts on the skin, dizziness or faintness, increased anger, loss of consciousness, rapid and irregular heartbeat, pain around the affected area and difficulty in swallowing. Given below are some effected home remedies to avoid the hives such as

It is very important to avoid the any type of heat in the body it will enlarge the blood vessels and also cause the hives.

You can also make use oatmeal, like you have to boil the oatmeal in the water for 30 minutes and then apply this mixture on the infected area with the help of cotton ball. This well helps you to reduce the itching.
Pat the milk of magnesia on the infected area this is very effective in reducing the irritation and itching as well. You can apply this milk many times a day.

You can also prepare a spray from the grape seeds extract juice and apply on to the disturbing areas. It is also one of the most effective home remedies for hives.

You can also take a cold shower or bath it also helps you to get rid from the hives.

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