How To Create a Custom Chalkboard for Your Child’s Room

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Sometimes being a parent you become quite irritated once you find out that the walls have certain cartoons and drawings on them. It appears that your child used crayons or pens to make his designs or paintings on the wall. This is one of the general behaviour in kids since they will have to communicate their ideas or thoughts on any canvas they can get their hands on. Unluckily, they select the wall and it is very hard to clean. Now, you do not have to worry about this, as in this article will help you to get out of this situation. You can make over a particular wall in the house in the child’s personal art wall where your child can sketch and draw and also leaves the other wall of your house clean. To acquire this objective, you have to choose a particular wall changed into a chalkboard. Given below are some of the quick steps to make the chalkboard wall

Choose a wall:

The very first step is to select a wall to alter. Theoretically, it would be best to use those walls in the child’s room. So select the wall which you want to change into chalkboard.

Set the dimensions and parameters:

After selecting the wall for your child’s chalkboard then you have to make a decision on the dimensions. If your child is short, then you have to use the bottom half of the wall only. Set the parameters and pattern up by taping the edges of the planned chalkboard on the wall. You can also make use of painter’s tape for this.

Paint it:

Now you have to purchase the chalkboard paint. There are lots of shades to select like green, dark green and black. You have to buy paint brushes. Mix the paint as instructed and start painting the first coat and also ensures to stay within the edges of the tape. Let the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. Once your chalkboard is dry, then tell your child to the area and provide him a piece of chalk to begin his drawing.

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