How To Cope as a Dad When Your Baby Has Colic,

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Colic, it is situation where a healthy baby screams or cries without any clear reason. As colic will ultimately evaporate, it can be disturbing for any parent, when it happens at odd hours or unfortunate places. In this article explain you some of the tips which are very helpful for dad to cope up when your baby has colic.

Find out that the situation is colic:

Ensure to avoid all the feasible reasons for crying prior to accept that there is no reason for it. The kid crying may be he is hungry or diaper is dirty or companionship.

Keep up a colic dairy:

Find out the regular times of colic based on activity, pre-colic and post-colic behaviour, calming methods time and period. After some days, you can observe the pattern emerging and find the possible causes for it, which you can tackle at your free time. You can also consult to paediatrician and ask for possible treatments for this problem.

Slow down the feeding process:

As babies have a small abdomen, they can simply be weighed down at the time of feeding and results they feel pain. By decreasing the process of feeding a baby can have time to digest.

Perform colic dances:

By moving a baby in all three directions will make him comfort by encouraging movement in the womb, as baby is also in favours that his mother for this activity.

Hold your baby in front of the mirror:

You can also make use of mirror, as this trick helps your baby to stop is to divert him. A baby will be worried by this other being that emerged out of nowhere. It is also ensures that the mirror you are using is non-breakable to avoid any accident.

Alternate colic duties with the mother:

These days’ parents work as a team and rotate diaper, bathing and feeding duties with each other. This permits both sometime to calm and avoid any mess. By this both can deal their baby with the colic.

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