How To Calculate Square Footage

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If math makes you feel off-colour, it is depressing to say, you can certainly not get away using mathematics in your normal life. Like now you have to calculate the square footage-maybe of your room or your garden. Identifying how to do this easy calculation will be very useful. It is time to face this test and understand something new about math. It is not so hard to calculate the square footage. Calculating the square footage, it refers computing the area by foot. Doing the calculation is not hard but taking the correct measurement. The formula for getting the square footage of a rectangle is unlike from the formula for triangles or circles.


To find the square footage of a rectangle, square, or something with four sides, you just have to multiply the length and the width

Find the length of the room and its width:

Round the measurement to the adjacent foot or half foot for additional correct measurement, For example, in place of saying 5 feet and 4.8 inches, iota down as 5.5 feet.

Multiply the length and the width:

For this, we will exercise the subsequent data:

Length (L) = 15 feet

Width (W) = 7 feet.

Square Footage         = L x W

= 15 ft X 7 ft

= 105 square feet (sq ft)

So, the room is 105 sq ft big.


To calculate the correct triangle is simple than the irregular triangle. A correct triangle has 90-degree angle. You can say that a triangle is correct if one side is completely alike to letter “L”.

Measure the triangle’s base:

This is the shorter line that is linked to the triangle’s right angle

Measure the height:

This is the longer line connect to the shape’s right angle.

Multiply the figures:

Keep in mind; find the measurement in foot and round the measurement to the adjacent foot or half foot. For this, you can use the following data:

Base (B) = 8 ft

Height (H) = 12 ft.

Multiply these numbers and the 0.5. So:

Square Footage         = (B) (H) (0.5)

= (8 ft) (12 ft) (0.5)

= 48 sq ft

Thus, the triangle is 48 sq ft big.

For non-right triangles, utilize the shortest and longest line for the base and height, correspondingly.


To calculate the square footage of circle is much harder than the two other shapes. But at least, doing do is not as hard as to calculate more complex problems.

Get the radius of the circle:

The radius is the distance from the exterior of the circle to the circle’s centre. It is one-half of the circumferences. Measure the radius by feet.

Get the square of the radius:

If the radius is 6 feet, then you need to multiply it by itself. Thus, 6 ft X 6 ft = 36 ft.

Multiply by pi (π):

The square of the radius should be multiplied to pi, which is equal to 3.1416. Thus, 36 ft (3.1416) = 11.0976 sq ft.

Irregular Shapes

If the room has an arrangement of circle, triangle and rectangle shapes, then you have to calculate irregular shapes, divide the room to the basic shapes and get their respective square footage and put them all up to get the total area.

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