How to bleach your face with Lemon

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Lemon juice is very beneficial and one of the most common for its bleaching properties. Lemon juice has the acid which has ability to break down the dark marks of skin. If any chemicals aggravate your skin it is very advantageous to make use of lemon juice for bleaching. Though, if you get any cut or injury on skin then you can apply the lemon juice. Lemon juice helps you in treating any kind of wounds. It is also very important to pay attention while applying the lemon mixture near your eyes, if lemon gets contacts with your eyes it can cause them to harm.

It is also very essential avoid going outside if you have applied lemon juice on the face or skin. It is also very essential before using sunscreen after applying lemon treatment, then be careful that wash your face thoroughly as it can cause any reaction on your skin. Hence it is good to cure your skin with lemon juice before going to sleep at night. Furthermore always wash your face thoroughly after applying lemon juice.

You can also prepare the lemon juice spray for your face. Take an equal amount of water and lemon juice and store it in a bottle. You can also add the aloe vera concentrate or honey in it and mix well. This combination is very good for face and also work as the moisturizers. You can also make the liquid amalgamation of these ingredients and apply on your face.

You can also make use of cotton balls in this mixture apply on to the face or you can also apply the direct lemon on your face. Take a lemon and cut it into halves and direct rub on your face. Before applying the lemon juice always wash your face with water.

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