Causes & Effects of Single Parents

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In this article we will talk about the causes and effects of single parents. Single parents face various different problems and challenges as an outcome of being the single care provider responsible for their kids. The reason may be a death of your partner, primary custody after divorce or unexpected baby. The effects on a sole parent can be long-term and hard to overcome. There are lots of challenges which a single parent faces such as social challenges, emotional challenges, logistical challenges and financial challenges.

Financial challenges

This is one of the most often challenges which has to face by single parents. The death of a life partner can leave the other partner with unexpected bills and also decreased income and also the responsibility of the growing children single-handedly. Divorce splits the couple’s incomes and also doubles the living spending with two families to support. Single parents can amass child support and alimony if the other parent earns good income, although it is often hard to amass or inadequate to continue a family. Single parents are also restricted in the variety of work opportunities and existing hours due to plentiful family responsibilities. This can lead inadequate earning and also incapability to pay for basic requirements.

Emotional Challenges

A single parents also experiences from emotional challenges also as she laments the loss of an absent spouse or dead partner. The divorce, birth of an unexpected baby or sudden death takes an emotional tax on a sole parent, who may not have anyone to converse to closely about her personal challenges and results become miserable or disheartened and also emotionally unavailable. On the other hand single parents have to be holding themselves back their feelings to assist their children conquer their emotional struggles. Single parents have to help their children work through the isolation and anxiety that they suffer. Otherwise they may build up less confidence and also anger problems.

Logistical Challenges

A single parent also experiences many logistical challenges that bang her capability to offer for her family emotionally and financially. The single parent must work around the clock and also depend on permanently child care services. She has to perform various services such as she has to drop her preschool or school age children early before school time and also pick them late after school. Single parent must have a bendable job that permits her to leave work for doctor’s appointment, sick children, school performances and parent conferences and so on.

Social and Academic Challenges

A Single parent may not have time for her social life as her financial limitations may not leave anything for her personal requirements and social activities as well. There are many single parents work and go for some school to develop employment opportunities. This leaves less time to assist the children with homework. Thus it results the children’s grades may drop or fail.

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