Bad Breath

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1. Introductory remarks

In a majority of the cases, bad breath is more a social disease rather than a physical disease. It is more the management that acquires importance rather than treatment in that finding the causes and following steps that would prevent it may suffice in a large number of people. Halitosis is the medical name given to it.

2. Causes and symptoms

Poor dental hygiene could breed bacteria in the mouth. Gum disease reflected in infected and or decaying gums could cause bad breath. Breathing through the mouth, some medications, problems with the functioning of salivary glands all could result in this phenomenon.

Your food habits in the usage of garlic, onions, intake of alcoholic beverages, and smoking, chewing tobacco can all contribute to it.

Some medical conditions as respiratory infections, chronic sinusitis/bronchitis, diabetes, stomach disorders, liver/kidney diseases and autoimmune diseases are known to trigger bad breathing.

Symptoms are not overt in that it is something which others would have to point out and in many occasions they may refrain from doing so for obvious reasons. However, those who are close to you within the family, especially, a spouse could point it out to you.

4. Treatment

When the symptoms persist, do consult your dentist or doctor. It is more by practicing good techniques of oral hygiene and being moderate in your personal habits you can over coming this condition.

5. Concluding remarks

Bad breath causes more a social anxiety rather than physical wreck. Proactive health management would do better than any line of treatment. You are advised not to rely on mouthwashes or similar aids as they would provide only temporary remedies. It, however, is possible for your dentist to prescribe an antimicrobial moth rinse, but it would be better to by their advice instead of looking for self-medication.

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